Some sales reports indicate that the sales of the iPad are declining.  Has this relatively new kid on the block already lost its luster?  Are tablet sales giving away to the latest generation of bigger smartphone or even  the good old….laptop?  Laptops are getting lighter, smaller, and carry many more non-work capabilities than they used to.  Their improved performance and better suite of business tools may be why they have been creeping their way back into travelers’ bags. But, don’t ditch that iPad just yet.  It is more than just a supersized smartphone or video viewer.  In many businesses, people assume that they can send and receive accurately typewritten communications any hour of the day or night – something that isn’t so easy to do on a phone.  Ten-finger typists are discovering that the iPad offers a very productive environment for creating business communications.


Consider the iPad  – as built for ease of use.

  • It’s build and operation make it easy to grab, go and get started.It’s lightweight, close to purse-sized, has a fairly long battery life and is quick to power up and to shut down.
  • The retina display reduces eyestrain during long sessions and a new set of external keyboard options allow users to design a seating arrangement that is both functional and comfortable.


Software and applications have been released to add more improved interface with the office

  • Actually, one of the most commonly used tools, Microsoft Office released an iPad version earlier this year. The free version allows you to read Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.A subscription to Office 365 is required for editing.
  • A slew of writing applications are available through iTunes to aid the emailer, blogger, and storyteller.(


If all of that tech and tools still isn’t enough to motivate you to try your Candy Crush/Instagram/Buzzfeed playtoy as a “real” work tool, consider reinventing it as a vintage type typewriter.  Yes, you can make the “new” old –school cool again with a new app from A-lister Tom Hanks.  Hanks’s app, Hanx Writer, has hit the top of the iTunes App Store chart with its ability to turn your iPad into an old-fashioned typewriter.  The app allows you to impersonate a “Crown” or “Selectric” by creating the sounds of the big, heavy old school machines.  The click-click plastic sounds of your iPad or Bluetooth keyboard will be replaced with the once-familiar key-click and carriage return.


Whether you are cool because you cherish the “old” or embrace the “new”, you can still find a way to honor that iPad as a great American invention.  Just like the typewriter.