There are times in life to save your hard-earned bucks and times to know when it’s not only okay, but necessary to splurge. When your professional life sends you traveling, it can be an investment to spend those few extra dollars on quality pieces that you won’t have to replace every trip. Which in the end, is the real money and time saver. Here are the top 3 items to never skimp on that will ensure your time on-the-go is always spent wisely and comfortably.

1- Noise Cancelling Headphones

​Besides the occasional unhappy infant, these headphones can keep you protected from loud cell phone talkers, movie watchers and overzealous music lovers. The models available today have a wide range of styles, so they aren’t as bulky as previous incarnations that left you looking like an operator. Swap your old earbuds for models that balance clear sound quality with the noise cancellation experience. The gold standard has been Bose which offers their own Quiet Comfort line as well as over 20 additional models ( Harmon Kardon boasts models complete with built-in rechargeable batteries (, perfect for when you want one less thing to pack! Beats by Dre ( popularized lightweight models in a wide-range of bright colors, but their newer Executive Noise line offers models that fold completely flat for better storage.

2- The Versatile Jacket

Better than a good seat mate in business class, a versatile jacket will be with you from start to finish. Need to look polished when you get off the plane, but prepared enough for warm and chilly weather? If you leave Miami but land in Chicago and it’s in the middle of October, you’ve had this problem. Try a 2-in-1 or 3-in-1 model typically with a built-in vest or detachable inlay, a medium weight sport coat and then an outer, more tailored jacket. All the pieces should have multi-use, hidden pockets and zip or snap together ensuring nothing gets lost between taxi and check-in. Look for sportier 3-in-1 models from Columbia ( or tailored, cotton 2-in-1 versions available from Hugo Boss (

3- Dress Shoes that Go the Distance

​The last thing you need are dress shoes that ruin your feet, distracting you from the walk-thru and focusing you on those poor blisters. ​Especially important is a flexible sole combined with a well-cushioned heel. High-end, quality manufacturers now rely on special partnerships with athletic shoe companies to keep their customers’ feet in prime condition while still remaining stylish. Cole Haan with Nike Air technology is especially popular because they are offered in both men’s options (oxfords and slides) and women’s traditional heels and wedges. A classic among women’s business wear, Nine West’s original easy spirit line has been updated with newer Adidas technology and modern design. These collaborations can be found at larger, national retailers like Nordstrom ( and online retailers such as Zappos (