We know that planners are already multitasking geniuses. But did you know you could take your business travel to the next level? We are already dependent on our smartphones, so let’s make them work a little harder for us. Think about it – when was the last time you visited a new location and didn’t open Google maps?

When you can’t magic up a new assistant to be with you at the airport or the conference hall, these travel apps are the next best thing. These apps were gathered from Travel & Leisure’s Best List and were among the top rated travel apps from the Google Play store and Apple store, so get out your cell phone and start downloading!


The Weather Channel App

Packing for the annual CEO conference in Portland? You want to know if it’s going to be wet and rainy all week. Use The Weather Channel’s free app to see what the weather’s going to be anywhere around the globe, from the Americas to Asia. With forecasts stretching up to 10 days in advance, this app is a must-have if you’re planning an extended stay for a group anywhere.



Need to have a map of where you’re going at your fingertips, but concerned you won’t have signal? This app will help you wander foreign neighborhoods without fear that you’ll lose your group while navigating back to your hotel. Maps.me lets you download maps to your phone so you’ll have it when you need them, and not just when you’re in range of a cell tower. As long as you’ve got battery life, you’ll never get lost again.



If there’s one app you should use before you ever set foot out your door, it’s TripAdvisor. Designed for business and world travelers to leave feedback about all sorts of locations, TripAdvisor can help you identify hidden gems in the next city you’re visiting, or simply plug in a business itinerary before you travel. TripAdvisor lets you hit the ground running once you get to your destination.



Tired of getting the middle seat in the back of the plane or next to the bulkhead? Use the SeatGuru app to ensure you get your personally preferred seat on your next airline ride, even while you’re at the airport. Developed by the same minds behind TripAdvisor, SeatGuru has many additional features such as real-time airline flight alerts, flight status, gate change and information on check-in, baggage, and traveling with infants and pets.


Google Translate

Visiting countries where people speak another language can be intimidating. However, thanks to Google Translate, you don’t have to fumble with pulling out a little phrasebook when you’re looking for the nearest bathroom or train station. Not only is the mobile app much better than the desktop version, this free service even includes the ability to translate written languages. If you point your phone’s camera at a written street sign or a cafe menu, a translation pops up.



Experienced travelers know that foreign exchange fees are nuts. That’s why CashDash provides app-based cardless access to your money from a vast network of ATMs and retailers. Using CashDash is more cost-effective than a currency exchange or even your bank, and its convenience means never being stranded without money when you need it for a cab driver or an older, family-run store that doesn’t take credit cards.


Wi-Fi Finder

Just because you’re traveling doesn’t mean you should be stuck eating your phone’s data plan to check email or post event photos to the team’s official Facebook page. The Wi-Fi Finder app offers an easy way to tell if there are open Wi-Fi hotspots near you that you can use. Unlike many similar Wi-Fi signal finding apps, this one works worldwide, making it an incredibly useful tool no matter where the stockholder conference is.



Even if you’ve got the Wi-Fi Finder hunting down open hotspots, if you’re abroad, you’re not going to have Wi-Fi everywhere. If you’re having a team building retreat in the Peruvian Andes or hosting a Scottish Highlands safari, you can’t really be assured of a strong signal. Using your phone internationally can suck into your data plan pretty quickly, but Onavo can help. A data compression app, Onavo helps your monthly data allowance go further, making it less painful to use your phone when you need it.