There are great ways your company and client can give back to the community without feeling a budget pinch or comprising quality. Not only can you successfully raise funds for a cause or clean up the environment, but you can also make it fun by soliciting help from vendors and incorporating your guests into the process.

When adding to your planner repertoire, it’s important to occasionally look at new ways of doing old things. Incorporating these slight event adjustments can leave lasting positive effects on your company’s reputation and client’s. Below are all small suggestions that leave a big impact.


Don’t Let Leftovers Go to Waste

How many times have we seen trays of delicious catering left untouched? Rarely does all the food and beverage ordered get eaten. In the case of leftovers, donate the food to a shelter instead of letting it go to waste. Many hotel properties work with local organizations to coordinate daily kitchen pickups. Make sure your event’s food is on their rounds.

Do Someone Else a Favor

Tired of loading down guests with branded merch (another cell phone case, anyone?) Instead of giving attendees a token of appreciation to take home, say thank you by investing that money in helping those in need. Provide customized cards that let guests know about the gift your client has made in their honor. The gifts can even be appropriately themed to the event or the recipients.

Utilize Vendors that Partner with Nonprofits

Some vendors donate a percentage of their proceeds from every purchase to a nonprofit they sponsor. Whether it’s florists, catering companies or craftsmen, ask if they pay it forward before hiring them. Then join forces and incentivize the contract bid with an offer to match a donation percentage for your event.

Get Attendees Involved

Encourage guests to contribute to a donation pot that will be going to your client’s charity or a cause the attendees voted on. In addition, you can ask attendees to bring a canned good item for a local food bank, gently used clothing for women going back to the workplace, or make it an option to accept monetary donations onsite. To continue the goodwill post-event, create a customized link on social media that allows attendees to share the link and further donate in your client’s name.

Find Invitations That Give Back

Paper invites can be wasteful, so consider ordering them from a stationary company with a cause. If your client or event is using paper products, make a choice to go eco-friendly. Print invitations on plantable seed paper to allow recipients to grow them instead of throwing it away.

Select Nonprofit Venues

Make your location count by holding the event or meeting at a nonprofit space like a botanical garden, wildlife preserve or a local historical site (public library, city’s mayoral residence, etc.) That way, any fees incurred will go towards maintaining the site or funding the group’s future work.