Have you had this experience? You actually get away from the office to attend a conference for your own professional development, and the whole experience is fantastic. Feeling amped up and energized you leave inspired. As a meeting planner and designer, that’s exactly the feeling you want your attendees to have. You can’t wait to get back to work, share what you learned with your colleagues, and put some of those ideas into action for your clients.


Now it’s your turn to do the same. How do you engage your client’s audience post-event? You want to make sure you’re doing what you can to extend that same positive event or conference attitude and energy for as long as possible. It’s thinking beyond the actual event. Consider these ideas for harnessing their energy to engage them in the months after. (Another perk of these post-event efforts: they act as marketing tools for recruiting new attendees and clients!)


Create a Digital Series

Start a curated content digital package or webinar series. Curate the best overall content from the event. Based on feedback from attendees, pick the best five breakout sessions or speakers. Take that curated content, and send it back out to people. Broadcast one webinar weekly or post curated content bi-monthly to extend the XX.


Send Content Reminders

A simpler idea is to remind attendees of the great time they had on-site by pushing out photos or videos of your conference via your website or social channels your client is active on. It puts attendees back into the moment and gives the larger public a sense of what happened on-site. Ask attendees to share their own videos and photos directly. Then incorporate their images and content into a special shareable gallery or Instagram series.


Make Connections

Facilitate post-event connections for your guests. While some associations typically use matchmaking technology to put attendees together before or during an event, consider how you can pair attendees up in the weeks after a conference so that they can continue their conversations and come up with solutions to problems they are facing or connect new ideas to shared contacts.


Entice with a Prize

Have a follow-up contest on your social channels or through a sponsored email. Encourage attendees to engage with the contest by sharing information from your event to their social networks, or to continue the conversation with the event community inside of your events mobile event app. Incentivize event guests with a special piece of swag, a free companion ticket or upgraded table or hotel suite to next year’s event.