After searches and evaluations you have finally found the right place for your event. The décor is classy yet contemporary and suitable to your corporate culture. The menu offers the latest culinary confections for a variety of palates and special diets. Even though you have plans that are budget appropriate, the environment feels comfortable with just enough luxury and services to make guests feel appreciated and enabled.

There is one more thing to consider to make your guests really fit well into your function and that is signage. Yes, signage.

Your guests are visitors to your environment and while it’s great to wow them with new things in a new location, your guests will also want to be able to navigate this special space. Even though traditional conference spaces are set up in an arrangement that assumes that most visitors are first-timers, some places try hard to carry their design theme a little too far and their utilities, such as restrooms, may be too integrated for a newcomer to recognize easily.

Cute little themed placards with fancy meeting room names can become a huge pain for visitors that are trying to negotiate a huge space in a hurry. Keep this in mind as you set up for your soiree.

Walk through your event spaces and determine what paths your guests are likely to transverse. Assuming that you are a newbie to the location will help you determine what directional information may help your guests. In addition to creating custom signage to guide your guests, you may also want to provide them with a map that highlights key features of the meeting space and its amenities.

Just try to avoid site maps that are in small type. No one wants to whip out reading glasses every time they want to locate the smokers’ porch.

Posting a few helpful hints around your meeting location is an easy way to educate your attendees. Most people prefer guidance via simple signage over trying to follow a trail of breadcrumbs back to “Meeting Room A” after they had to duck out for a quick phone call.