Looking to build bonds through traditional team building exercises can induce teenage worthy eye-rolls. Trust falls and ice breakers between meeting attendees or corporate staff can be effective, but are stale.

So perhaps it’s time to consider some outside-the-box team building adventures. Now, pulse-pounding activities aren’t for everyone, but they can certainly provide a jolt for meeting groups, fodor for social media posts and offer great takeaways. Creative adventures are available to corporations in locations across the globe. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most recent team building attractions garnering attention.

Dig It: Dig This – Nevada

Dig This is a huge playground, but instead of climbing or swinging, you get to operate a bulldozer or excavator. Attendees can dig, push, drag, haul -even play a game “excavator basketball”- under the watchful eyes of instructors. Dig This also markets itself for companies and will custom design tasks to fit what organizations are looking to accomplish, whether building better communication or generating camaraderie.

Break Out: Escape Rooms – Texas, Pacific Northwest, Japan

According to an article in the New York Post, the growth of escape rooms has been exponential. Worldwide, they were nearly 3,000 venues in 2015. The premise involves being locked in a room with about 10 people and then having 60 minutes to “escape.” But, in order to get out, you have to work together to answer a number of interconnected clues and riddles. The last solved clue usually reveals a physical key. Companies like Real Escape Games, Escape Expert, and Puzzle Break can confirm people are looking for new experiences and that these group puzzles act as an emotional roller coaster and with each successful clue found, the puzzle can become addicting.

Give Back: Build-A-Bike – National

Some of the best team bonding happens when employees not only get to work together, but also when what they’re doing involves giving back to the community. That’s the idea behind Build-A-Bike, which brings groups together to build bikes for underprivileged children. In order to get the parts and tools required to assemble the bikes, participants must work together to complete puzzles and answer clues.

Walk the Walk: Skywalks – Arizona & Ontario

Walking to the edge of a cliff isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but at the Grand Canyon Skywalk in Arizona those who do so are protected by a railing and are able to snap amazing shots of one of the world’s most magnificent natural attractions. The CN Tower Edgewalk in Toronto is 1,200 feet above the ground and sounds like a potentially terrifying experience. Actually, while leaning over the edge of this building, participants are harnessed in, but it still gets the blood rushing!

Make Them Laugh: Comedy Improv – National

Created by professional actors and comedians, a successful improv training event will have your group laughing at themselves. This activity teaches your team to use the age-old “Yes” technique, harness communication skills and to think on their feet. By their own design, improvisational techniques give your group a unique experience. Most major cities across the country have active comedy scenes (examples include: Groundlings, Second City, Upright Citizens Brigade, Improv Olympics, ComedySportz.) Plus- there’s always a good chance you’ll catch a rising star or someone who may appear on Saturday Night Live!

Cook It: Iron Chef – National

It’s often said that people bond over food and drinks. So, if your conference is at a resort or hotel with available kitchen facilities and a willing chef, why not try a culinary-based competition? For example, attendees can sign-up for an “Iron Chef” style competition. Working in teams, they would be given secret ingredients and asked to create a dish. Team entries can be judged by a group comprising the executive chef from the meeting’s resort location, a company C-Suite executive and/or an employee picked randomly from a drawing.

Jump to It: Bungee Jumping – South Africa

Even the most experienced bungee jumpers’ hearts skip a beat at this location, near Nature’s Valley, Western Cape, South Africa. Operated by the outdoor adventure company Face Adrenalin, the Bloukrans Bridge is the tallest commercial bungee jumping attraction in the world, 708 feet above the Bloukrans River. Believe it or not there is also a restaurant and bar next to the bridge called The Cliffhanger for those who wish to only watch the jumping on a live feed while cheering along.