There are a wide variety of options for offsite meeting spaces.  Professional hosting facilities like convention centers and hotels have updated spaces that can be tailored to your needs.  There are some times, however, that these corporate-type locations can sometimes feel too clinical for the event that you are planning.  But evaluating the capabilities of a more unique location (like a special restaurant, mansion-for-rent, or other make-into-auditorium type room) can be simply mind-boggling.  One may have good parking while the other has real issues with light control.  Another place may have a have good seating, but falls short when it comes to the reception area.

If you still want to try a “new” space to put some pizazz into your presentation consider renting out your local movie theatre for your next event.

In an effort to get customers off of the couch and into theatre seats, many theatres have undergone at least partial renovation.  In order to showcase the most current movie special effects, many locations boast the latest in sound and projection technology.  Your private audience can easily view big presentation screens from tiered (and comfy) seating.  Lobby areas can sometimes be used for registration or a post meeting reception.

Beyond the basics, you may also find some locations or theatre chains that have enhanced capabilities that your own office may envy.  Cineplex Entertainment theatres can accommodate up to 579 guests and can stream web video or live satellite multicasts.  Showcase Cinemas offers high tech systems for PowerPoint presentations as well as full service catering that even includes cocktails.

The movie-as-a-meeting option can also extend to the outdoors.  If you already have your eye on a suitable location, you can work with companies such as Twilight Zone Outdoor Cinema to provide the tech for your event.  Like their traditional counterparts, high quality outdoor movie systems can provide “superior outdoor audio systems” and sharp images on screens up to extra-large screens (about 40 feet wide).

Whether you choose to serve your guests popcorn straight from the concession stand, or bring in a sushi chef for the occasion, a local movie theatre just might be the way to make your next meeting a blockbuster.