Whether you are a budding meeting planner or a seasoned veteran, using the morning of your event to your advantage can only lead to success. Regardless of whether you are a self-described morning person or not, by incorporating new tasks and steps first thing in the morning, they will help keep you on track throughout the day and boost your event career.


Inc. Magazine and Rodale Wellness joined forces to talk to personal trainers, psychologists and life coaches to find out what could boost personal engagement, general creativity and overall productivity. With these topics in mind, here are the top tasks that you can do before 10am to promote event planner productivity.


Wake Up Earlier

We’ve all heard of the early bird getting the worm. Getting up early makes you more proactive with your day and can help you to mentally focus and stay motivated by achieving things early on. So unfortunately for you that does not mean setting your alarm for 7:55am, but instead, more like 5:00am. While night owls can have increased creativity, studies also show that they procrastinate more, making them less productive. Set your new morning alarm in stages. Don’t just decide to get up at 5am from now on and attempt to cut out several hours of sleep.  Instead, set your alarm back in 15 minute increments each day until you reach your desired time and also ensure you are going to bed 15 minutes earlier each day as well.


Prep the To-Do List

What do you want to achieve today? Ask yourself what your goals are, write a to-do list and think about today’s priorities to help give yourself meaning and focus. This exercise provides clear guidance on what you need to get done and how you will achieve it. It’s a great way to boost motivation, but also helps to avoid procrastination that stems from not having clear guidelines. It is also important to take a minute for yourself to just breathe and mentally prepare yourself for the day ahead and what you need to achieve for your own sanity more than anything else.



You may eye-roll at the idea of getting up earlier to exercise, but if you fit it into your day before it gets pushed aside for other more ‘important’ work, it can do wonders overall. Exercising also helps to give you focus, feel good about yourself, and make you productive longer. Here are a few successful people who use their early start to exercise:

Anna Wintour (Editor-in-chief of Vogue)–  Arrives on the tennis court by 5:45am each morning for a game before she formally starts her work day.

Richard Branson (Founder of the Virgin Group)– Arises at 5:00am to exercise and meditate.

Michelle Gass (Starbuck’s former president)– Gets up at 4:30am every morning to go for a run.

Tim Cook (Apple CEO)–  Cook wakes up at a cringing 3:45am in order to hit the gym.

Michelle Obama (Former First Lady)– Starts her day at 4:30am with a workout before her kids wake up so that she can fit it in around her full schedule.


Order Breakfast

Yes, it is the most important meal of the day! Eating a decent breakfast can also help to wake up your metabolism and immune system to keep you healthier overall. Food is directly related to our cognitive function on a systematic level. You may think that skipping breakfast will help you save time and therefore make you more productive, but failing to fuel your body will lead to a dip in blood sugar and excess snacking later on. This stops you from being able to focus, which means you will ultimately be losing productivity.


Hit Your Top Priority

Look at what your most important thing to achieve for the day is, and do something towards achieving that one. Don’t try to tackle it all first thing in the morning because it will consume all of your extra time, and you’ll end up just starting work at 5:00am which defeats the purpose! You could opt to combine this activity with another such as exercise or even think about it in the shower if you would prefer to multitask, but the point is to think and visualize your top priority.


Avoid Social Media

The death of productivity is in social media and you should avoid getting embroiled in your friends’ social media updates before lunch, they will still be there later. Promise. Unless you’re using social media to surf event accounts for inspiration, trends, network or benefit you in some way, avoid it at all costs before 10am as it is more likely to make you fall into the abyss.


Do Something You Enjoy

Whether it is a passion project or simply sitting with a coffee and reading a book, spend a little time each morning doing something entirely for you that you enjoy. This can help you to reduce event planning stress and mentally prepare for the day ahead. You could use this time to start a new hobby or learn something new. Ensuring you fit in some ‘me time’ in your day can stop potential resentment of demanding work and make you enjoy your career more!