It’s easy to fall prey to the Sunday blues, which can often render people feeling useless or anxious about an upcoming event. In a poll from the career site, 81% of respondents said they get these Sunday-night blues and 59% said they experience them “really badly.” However, Sunday can be the most important and productive day of the week, and therefore it’s important to make it work for you.


Successful event planners know that cultivating a few healthy habits on the seventh day can make the other six more productive and fulfilling until your event’s big day. Here are some Sunday rituals top planners never skip. Adopt these habits and get ready for some smooth event sailing.



1. Clean

Doing laundry, vacuuming, cleaning the shower and generally organizing will help you feel prepared for the chaos of your weekday schedule. Need more motivation to tackle unpleasant chores on your day off? Science has now proven that physical clutter reduces one’s ability to focus and finish assignments. Researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institutediscovered that when your environment is cluttered (either work or home), it’s the chaos that restricts your ability to focus. Clutter makes you distracted and unable to process information as well as you do in an uncluttered, organized, and serene environment.


2. Become a Forward Thinker

Your head is swirling with tasks, so go ahead and map out your week. This act will lessen your anxiety by helping you feel in control. Review your upcoming schedule to ensure there are no time or appointment conflicts, surprises and to give yourself time to prep key tasks for stressful events. Create to-do lists, add reminders in your cell phone or calendar and even ask a team member or office assistant to come in and “bug” you with a friendly reminder.


3. Prep Food & Wardrobe

This advice may sound like a major nerd alert, but picking out your clothes for the week can be a life-changing habit, one that will shave significant time off your mornings and ideally prevent wardrobe snafus. Plus, it will allow you to reflect on the image you want to project. The same goes for your breakfasts and lunches, planning and preparing ahead will save you both time and money.


4. Set Goals

Goals should be specific, but attainable, and they should be tied into your larger goals. You can set your event goals in 30-minute increments, four times a week, or binge it out on Sunday- all that matters is that you get the hours accomplished. Check in with your work and life goals when making this to-do list. Try not to set more than three goals in any given week so you don’t get overwhelmed. Setting at least one big intention for your week can be life changing. Write it down and stick it on your bathroom mirror, fridge, computer, Facebook wall or as your phone’s background image.


5. Unplug

extolled the virtues of a digital detox, and if you’re considering dipping a toe into this trend, start with Sunday. You don’t have to detox the entire day, but if you can unplug for a couple of hours, you’ll be mentally and physically healthier for it. This means no computers, phones, video games, tablets or even TVs. Multiple studies have shown that frequent social media use increases unhealthy feelings of inadequacy and envy. According to the Vision Council, 65% of people suffer from what’s known as digital eye strain or computer vision syndrome. Just two hours in front of a screen can cause problems, and most of us are spending quadruple that amount of time daily. Symptoms include dryness, itchiness and a “fuzzy feeling” that causes you to rub your eyes.


6. Get Rest

There may be no greater misery than waking on a Monday morning feeling sleep-deprived and exhausted. If you have plans on Sunday night, make sure they get you to bed early enough to wake rested, and don’t forget to create the perfect sleep haven. Blue light is the enemy of good sleep. This type of light emanates from all electronic devices, so if you’re the type to fall asleep with the laptop on, try using a light app, which will automatically adjust your screen light lower at night. Apple’s newest iOS includes Night Shift, which automatically dims the blue light on your iPhone and iPad. In addition, your thermostat should be set to a temperature at least five to ten degrees lower than it would be during the day, or under 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


7. Do Something Unproductive

So you may be thinking that this list makes for the most boring Sunday of all time, but fret not- most of the action items here won’t actually take that much time, and you’ll want to spend whatever’s left enjoying an activity that has absolutely zero goals attached to it. Engage in active leisure- a book club, practicing yoga, dining with friends, soaking in a bath, taking a dance class or even going to the movies- will make you happier than choosing something that is passive. Once the workweek starts, life becomes all about obligations, so allowing time to just enjoy pleasure is critical for avoiding event prep burnout.