With approximately two billion users, Facebook offers event organizers access to the biggest community in the digital landscape. The appeal of using Facebook Live is that with just a cell phone and tripod, suddenly your event has a broadcast that offers a sea of possibilities.


Facebook Live is very different than traditional live-streaming. With standard educational programming, there’s typically a registration process that functions as a helpful lead-generation tool. However with Facebook, it’s all about having the goal of brand awareness. It’s about introducing people to your event or community, delivering them a social experience they’ll enjoy, and then giving them a reason to return.


Smart event professionals also understand the value of working with an onsite broadcast and production team. When executed properly, a well-crafted social broadcast puts your client’s event in a spotlight that will shine well beyond their conference dates. If you’re considering using Facebook Live to expand the reach of your next event, consider these tips first.


1) Sponsorship Recognition

Elevating production quality typically means increasing the cost. Look towards your company’s supporters or event sponsors to cover additional costs. Yet, giving credit where credit is due can be challenging with this platform. Facebook has a very strict policy on sponsored content. You are not permitted to run pre-roll and banners are prohibited. However, you are allowed to place a sponsored logo in the corner of the screen and you can always tag the company in every post.


2) Live is not Low-Tech

One of the big selling points of Facebook Live is the ability to easily broadcast from any phone, yet planners will want the live stream to still have the quality of the look and feel of the onsite event. Work with the broadcast team to plug directly into their equipment, and when possible, arrange multiple camera angles: close-ups of speakers, side angles, wide shots, and at least one larger audience angle.


3) Connect Your Network Early

Leveraging Facebook Live’s tagging capability means that each of the attendees’ friends would receive notifications. This alert system can deliver a seemingly limitless reach, but tagging requires the most basic piece of Facebook: you have to be connected. In order to take advantage of the reach, it’s helpful to personally send friend requests ahead of time. However, you don’t have to rely on the personal accounts of your staff. The alternative approach is coordinating with all event partners, speakers, any nominees or performers, and other companies ahead of time. With this tactic, partners will to be ready to share and tag at the right time during the broadcast.


4) Maintain the Momentum

Facebook Live is geared toward catching viewers in real-time, but the video can continue to create more engagement opportunities. While viewers tune-in during the program, bigger crowds may arrive later. With a small investment to promote the video online and then pinning the post as the top entry on your client’s Facebook page post-event, the video will continue to collect likes, comments, and most importantly- increased views and more shares.