Gone are the days when sponsors can hand out a few branded badges at an event and be satisfied. The traditional booth, banner and logo are staid and it’s time to think of something else.

Coming up with unique and interesting sponsorship ideas shows that your event is innovative and original, which can set the right frame of mind for your attendees.


Encourage the client and sponsors to connect with attendees, get guests involved and make them feel good about what they are doing in one way or another. Creating interactive experiences with attendees is more important than ever to your partners and clients. This means the sponsor’s brand will be synonymous with positivity (which is exactly what you want!)


Here are ideas to ensure a brand is remembered and they get the most from their investment.



#1 – Play Areas

Areas that get attendees involved by playing games, relaxing and releasing their inner child will always be a big a hit. Ideas such as giant Jenga, oversized chess or board games are a great way to get involved and your sponsor could even have their own giant branded pieces. Additionally, a sponsor could opt to provide a big chill-out ball pit for adults or a branded relaxation corner with big bean bags or foam chairs. By running mini-competitions or tournaments, such as table tennis or more traditional fair games, sponsors can offer prizes (and their own products) while also collecting new email addresses to follow up with after the event.


#2 – Get Crafty

When an attendee gets to create something with a brand they are more likely to shout about it on social media. Creating an area where attendees can decorate or create something tangible and take it home with them also serves as a long lasting reminder of the event and offers a talking point with their friends. This is also an excellent way to improve social media presence if there is a competition on one of your channels which creates a buzz and gets people sharing online. Sponsors could also opt for a more environmentally friendly option of planting flowers, trees or seeds in a branded, take-home container so that it as it grows at home the brand is on display.


#3 – Virtual Reality

With evolving technology, it is becoming easier for brands to opt for more high tech options at an event. Augmented or virtual reality are becoming increasingly popular as attendees like to blend the real and virtual worlds or escape altogether. Virtual reality is particularly useful for product demonstrations, services or travel options that are harder to show at an event (ex: if they are too large, are in pre-production or have outdoor applications.)


#4 – Be Charitable

Helping others or being struck by charitable awareness tends to strike a chord with people.

Use a client’s event to show the brand’s philanthropic side and draw attention to charities or causes that your sponsors work with. Attendees who feel like they can help another cause at the same time can satisfy their charitable side with minimal effort. Opt to allow them to “sponsor” a school, family, animals or land for wildlife conservation or combine with the #2 craft idea and get them making things for others. For example, groups could assemble gift baskets for the less fortunate or backpacks for school children. Alternatively, if your event is near the holidays you could have a toy assembly area to make toys for children to ship after the event and where attendees can write notes accompanying their gift.


#5 – VIP Bath Amenities

Everybody has got to go, so why not use this to your advantage? Let’s be honest, sometimes going to the bathroom at an event (here’s looking at you festivals) can be horrific and it really ruins the vibe, so opt to sponsor luxury toilets that actually flush, proper sinks with high-end soap or lotions, and an attendant. You can even opt to have a themed music playlist playing, hair dryers, straighteners and even makeup or shaving stations. You can even use the back of doors or mirrors for extra branding posters or stickers because the attendees will be giving you full focus.