Catch-up with EMP’s newly minted President, Cynthia Kelly. Taking a moment out of her full schedule, Cynthia enthusiastically talks about strategy, competitive advantages, and why EMP should be your next trusted advisor.




What services does Ellen Michaels Presents continue to offer clients? 

We are a full service event planning, production, registration and creative services agency.


What differentiates EMP from other event planning companies?

To me, the fact that we have all our services under one roof. That speaks volumes. When we’re together, there is a synergy. Most departments overlap to some degree. Our clients don’t have to go to different sources. We are a turnkey solution. Clients can utilize us and we can be the ones to make it all work in the background. From consolidated billing, to paying one vendor, we take care of everything. For a lot of our clients, that is something they appreciate. They don’t have to vet multiple vendors or deal with a million different invoices.


Are you focused on growing EMP’s service offerings?

The last couple years, we’ve focused on emphasizing our creative services. We continue to get more involved in experiential marketing. We approach events from a creative standpoint. We want each event to have its own unique attendee experience. We are constantly growing and adapting to new technology. We are a forward-thinking company, and we utilize the latest and greatest when it comes to multi-event technology. We are constantly reinventing for ourselves and for our clients, but we remain dedicated to our roots of quality and excellence. Those are our guiding principles.


How does EMP approach each event?

What I love about us is we don’t take a cookie cutter approach to events. We don’t apply a formula. We strive to understand the culture of our clients and what they are trying to accomplish from a meeting. What takeaways do they want their people to walk away with? We strategize with our clients for the best solution for everything – the website, production, multi-media and all the areas we touch.


What do you enjoy most about corporate events?

I love the fact that it’s different every time. We are in the hospitality business. What makes me proud is when our clients and their attendees walk away with a great experience. A successful event leaves the client feeling like they have achieved their goal. We feel good when our client looks good. Being able to measure the success of the event is rewarding. That’s what makes me really happy.


What is EMP’s competitive advantage? 

Our full-service capability and approach. It has so much more value than if the client were to go out and hire independent companies. I love that our staff is so diverse.  We have an excellent breadth of talent that we bring to the table. We have people who come from entertainment, hotels, marketing agencies, etc. With such a broad scope of experience, we leverage that. We bring that to the client. We can be the trusted advisor.


In this new chapter as President, what is the most exciting part for you?

There is a rejuvenation in knowing what a great company and great people we have! My role now frees me up to think about company strategy and perspective. For me, what I love about having this different time is focusing on helping people.