What does a recent UC Santa Cruz graduate with a politics major and a film minor, end up doing? Weddings, of course.

As Jose explains it, “I had a recruiter come in and say, ‘Hey did you ever think about doing customer service in the events world?’ It sounded cool, so I jumped on it. I was doing high-end weddings in the Central Valley. I was dealing with more aesthetic based items rather than data.”

Leaving the wedding world behind, Jose now jumped at a chance to be a coordinator with the EMP team and within three months he was promoted to a project manager.

Experience a day in the life of …. Jose, Registration Project Manager.

Registration Duties?

We handle data. All forms of data. Our main task is to ask specific questions that our clients are looking for at their corporate conferences. Then handle the data as the client sees fit. We pretty much are a house of information. What that means is, if they want to know how many people have a shirt size of large, we are able to give them not only name but documentation of their location, what part of the event they are going to, what part of the world they are coming from, what company they are coming from, etcetera. Everything I do is a huge learning process. I love seeing the client satisfaction once we’ve completed with a task.

Rise and Shine

Around 7am. I get up, get ready. Breakfast is oatmeal with one sugar and cinnamon.

8:30-9:00am. Arrive at the office. Check my emails. Prioritize. What’s pending versus what’s urgent and what needs to be done. Then I develop my agenda. So I see if I have to finish an item today or if I have a deadline coming up. From there, I go to touch base with my clients. Just to make sure my clients are happy and that we’re on the same track. After that, I start jumping into the actual tasks. The tasks I can’t delegate, I do them myself. I fulfill my day that way.

Lunch. So I am a huge advocate of work/life balance. I remind myself to leave my desk and my emails for lunch. If I don’t, I would be at my desk the full eight hours. Whenever I get a quick breather, I tell myself – let’s go. Leave. I don’t like buying food for lunch. So I stick to my three main staples – a simple sandwich, tuna, or any leftovers from dinner.

Afternoon. Towards the end of the day, I try to do a small recap to see what’s pending, what’s due and then I set-up an agenda for the next day. It keeps me in check throughout the week. By mapping out my schedule, it gives me a sense of stability. So I don’t freak out that I have too many things I am doing. It shows me the pace I’m going at.

5:00pm. I try to leave by 5pm. But I stay most days until 5:30pm or 6pm. During peak season, I can be here up until 7pm.

Downtime. One of the things I really do often is the gym. It’s a good stress reliever and it gets your mind focused. You get not only mentally tired, but physically tired and it gives you that nice balance. I love drawing, I’m a huge writer. Photography has been a passion of mine for years. I do that constantly when I get home.

Dinner. It varies. I am not a big dinner person. My go-tos are quesadillas and eggs. If I go out with friends, I’ll have the main dish at that restaurant or bar. But I am a huge ‘unwinder’ with wine. I love wine. And tequila. Either or.

Nightly Ritual. I am trying to construct my underground rapping career. I have my SoundCloud up, and I constantly am just trying to write and perfect. I see it as an outlet to refine my mind and have another focus other than work. Jaime is my DJ alter-ego. I let him say anything that Jose does not want to say or is too shy to say.

Hit the Hay. Around Midnight. I get maybe six hours of sleep a day.

Event Ritual?

The one thing I do, every morning, when I’m on-site, is I have to get fully ready. I have to plan out my outfits for every day I’m on-site in order for me to feel I am ready to take on the event. Shoes have to coordinate with shirts. I have to feel 100%, so that when I go, I know, okay- I’m going to shine today, let’s go!

Describe EMP in 3 words

Experience, Modern and Innovative