As you have been building your brand you have probably been creating customized giveaways for years.  SWAG bags from conferences often include t-shirts or stickers with a sassy slogan.  Themed pens, wrapped candies and key chains are seen in bowls flanking trade show booths.  Conferences or off sites might share a number of sponsored items with attendees that range from high tech gadgetry (memory sticks) to (hopefully) healthy snacks.  The concept of customizing to logo-tize corporate gifts is still going strong.

It used to be that vendors required a fairly healthy minimum buy before they would manufacture a custom designed product.  Digital images coupled with lower cost small run production machines started to change that concept, allowing even mom and pop organizations to create their own pair of custom coffee mugs and the like.

Now a few more recent entries to the arena allow small production runs of physically larger items.  In this case, companies like Ugo Bags are making it simple for you to create luggage as quickly as it is to add a picture to create a personally designed mouse pad.

Websites for Ugo Bags, Designasuitcase, and Logo Luggage allow you to upload logos or images to create a useful wheeled roller bag to ferry materials to/from a meeting or to house the travel gear needed for a leisure outing.

You don’t have to emblazon bags with a corporate logo to create something special.  In fact, unless the intended recipient has a strong “business case” to tote a company suitcase, it might be best to consider a design that will inspire the bag’s use.


  • Using colors without artwork.  This less conspicuous option allows you to use company colors to show just a hint of how the bag is indeed special.
  • Showcasing an emblem.  The image of a constellation or star icon can represent the message “great work this quarter, you’re a star”.
  • Find favorite images.  Pictures of your recipient’s favorite pastime such as a full garden or fleet of sailboats could make an attractive conversation starter.
  • Use words.  A fun quote can sit unobtrusively in the lower corner of the bag so that the message is stays subtle, but is still solidified.

Many teams spend time trying how to best “gift” achieving employees in nonmonetary ways.  Sharing something that the recipient will use is more appreciated than something that will end up in the donation pile.  Most road warriors can find the use for a roller bag at some point.  A personal touch could be a fun way to honor your hard working professional.