Many conference and event swag bags are unoriginal and poorly tailored to their audience. Attendees want to leave an event delighted about the unexpected gifts they brought home. You want them splashing the event and goodies across social media and showing it off to increase your client’s brand awareness and make them want to come back next year.

Event budgets obviously affect the decisions made about any gifts, but that doesn’t stop good planners from coming up with original ideas. Gifts are important, so no matter what you choose, make sure that you have an impact for the right reasons. Keep the client’s brand in the forefront of your mind. Ultimately, unique and decent products will spread awareness and keep the event’s goodies from being put straight in the trash bin or forgotten about in the garage.

Adult Coloring Books

Yes, Adult Coloring Books. Popularized by artists on Amazon and Etsy, this is the latest trendy craze at the moment and can also help relax and calm the mind. With a range of themes available from superheroes, gardens, Disney, animals and forests there are flexible options to suit every event. Adult coloring books are also an excellent ice breaker and can get attendees talking to one another.

Price Range$5-$10

Smartphone Magnifiers / Projectors

Almost everyone has a smartphone which means that anything that makes that experience better is going to be a crowd pleaser. Screen magnifiers are perfect for travelling when you want to watch TV on the train or in a hotel room and you need a bigger screen. The likelihood is that some of your attendees will have had to travel in some form or another, so these could be used straight away! For bigger budgets, opt for higher-end smartphone projectors that come in at around $30+ and can create mini-home theatre experiences for your attendees.

Price Range$10-$15

One Line-a-Day Memory Books

What always comes in a goody bag? A notebook or pad. While these can be handy, let’s face it, they are boring. Which means they probably won’t be used. Memory books add a different twist onto the classic notebook and provide attendees with a way of capturing each day with a single line. There are also ways to make these even more event specific as they can come in a range of themes such as: parenting, jokes, spiritual quotes and healthy living.

Price Range$14-$17


More and more companies are becoming environmentally friendly (or at least environmentally conscious) which means that these kind of gifts go down well. Current favorites are the mini grow-your-own kits that range from multicolored vegetables to bonsai trees. Encourage guests to think about the environment while taking home a lasting memento. For smaller budgets, channel the eco theme by trading out plastic bags for printed canvas bags, something they can use time and time again.

Price Range$14 – $25

Boozy Lollipops

Add a unique twist by opting for some boozy lollipops. Tailoring lollipops to adults will certainly get people talking. With alcoholic flavors such as: chardonnay, beer, lager, cabernet sauvignon, merlot, stout and even mixed wine packs, there will be one to suit everyone’s tastes. (Just make sure you let them know it’s alcoholic so they don’t take them home and give them to the kids!)

Price Range$8-$12

Travel Chargers

USB sticks are out and they have been replaced with travel chargers for smartphones. These handy bricks hold a charge and then plug into your phone with a variety of different adapters to make sure that you never run out of battery. This is particularly useful at all day events when attendees will have likely drained their batteries taking photos or recording video and your goody bag will be an immediate life saver – just make sure they are pre-charged!

Price Range$10-$20

Virtual Swag

A relatively new option in the growing age of technology is providing virtual swag or goodies. These are particularly useful for events where attendees have to travel because they take up minimal space but can be incredibly budget flexible. Making sure to explain virtual gift bags is important because they are not always tangible products. E-gift cards, ebooks, apps, gift codes and online game access are all excellent examples of giving virtual gifts that can also tie in nicely to promoting sponsors, collaborators or creating a buzz about up and coming products.

Price RangeFlexible

Headphones / Speakers

Music is another common love that everyone shares, so a gift that attendees will enjoy are headphones. They are easy to brand as a static marketing technique as well. They are also a great twist on the old classic ear protectors that used to come with goody bags (and flights!). For those with a bigger budget you could opt to buy portable speakers which come in at around $30+ but will still be widely received.

Price Range$10-$20