Whether you’re looking for a productivity app or a podcast to download, most of us looks towards our network for a recommendation. Do the number of app downloads really matter if someone you trust loves a product more?

That’s why Inc. Magazine polled a new crop of C-Suite standouts to find out what helps them break out of the motivational funk. Desperately seeking updates or inspiration for your or team? These are the podcasts, newsletters or blogs startup founders are turning to as they take on the challenges of scaling their ventures while trying to keep their sanity.



“My favorite mindset shifts right now are coming from The Happiness Project podcast by author Gretchen Rubin. It might not immediately sound like a favorite startup tool, but Gretchen has distilled the science of what motivates us -in work and in play- to easily graspable and actionable concepts that I use constantly with myself and employees. It’s the best “I’m working but still having fun” podcast.”

Rachel Hofstetter, VP of marketing at Chatbooks and co-founder of PR School. Chatbooks is a subscription service for printed photo books.


“My must-listen podcasts are: Behind the Brilliance by Lisa Nicole Bell; Harvard Business Review IdeaCast; The New Yorker Radio Hour; Positive Impact Podcast.”

Sian Morson, founder and CEO of Kollective Mobile. Kollective Mobile helps agencies and startups design and grow their mobile business, by providing strategy consulting and building great apps.


“How to Start a StartUp is an awesome podcast that has some of the brightest entrepreneurs and VCs in Silicon Valley giving invaluable lessons on building a startup. The lectures are about 20 in total, and each one is absolutely worth a listen or two… or maybe even three.”

Jibolu Ayodele, co-founder of Thandos. Thandos aims to create a platform for creative talent on the African continent by crowdsourcing designs from creatives in Africa.


“My go to startup blog is Both Sides of the Table by Mark Suster. Mark does an amazing job breaking down complex topics for new founders.”

Elissa O’Dell, co-founder and COO of Elm. Elm hosts interactive guides curated by influencers and uses education to move a generation to further value their mental, social, and emotional intelligence.