Securing event sponsorship is not as straightforward as it once was. Sponsors demand more information than ever to secure their investment for events. Digital advertising has also changed multiple aspects in the industry. The abundance of data and analytics in the digital world has greatly influenced how sponsors measure success in the real world.

Sponsors want to know that their investment is getting results, but it can be difficult to quantify what that might look like. When seeking event sponsorship, there are specific areas your team can explore to quantify realistic benefits to your potential sponsor.

#1: Audience Hard Data

Offer sponsors real-life information about their audience. Your direct communication with attendees allows you to gather meaningful insights. What kind of data should you provide? You’re going to have to know who your attendees are and how sponsors can help them. You can gather deeper information by surveying your event attendees either on the day, or leading up to/ following the event via programs such as Survey Monkey. By surveying your audience, you are able to provide insights into aspects such as household income and purchase behavior. What you’re doing is more than just collecting facts and figures: you’re collecting insights your sponsor would otherwise not have access to, and could completely change their personalized marketing.

#2: Branded Assets

Branded assets for a sponsor are tools of communication with the event attendees, that you’ll sell to sponsors to achieve their objectives. These assets can include everything from a logo placement, to speaking opportunities or complimentary guest passes. If you’ve taken the time to learn who your attendees are, you’ll be able to identify more valuable assets for the sponsor than traditional advertising opportunities. By proving the value of your attendees (as their desired audience) you are able to provide the sponsor with a more tangible ROI than other channels.

#3: Curated Packages

As any event organizer knows, the key to snagging sponsors is all about providing options for their investment. A more valuable benefit could be a fully curated package instead of the standard tiered options. Traditionally, packages are offered in gold, silver, and bronze-type of sponsorship packages. However, custom packages are key to discovering bigger, more valuable opportunities that sponsors really want. Encourage your event planners to offer sponsors a curated ‘menu’ of assets that they can pick and choose from. Feeling as though they are able to trim any unnecessary assets or add relevant ones will improve their sense of value and power of selection.

#4: An Exit Interview

The fourth and final benefit you can offer potential event sponsors is an honest exit interview. This is where the value-add is for the sponsor: answering the big question of ‘how did it go?’ Communicating the wins and losses with them is a critical part of the relationship. Ensure that the insights you gathered over the course of the event are packaged into simple stats for your sponsor. An exit interview gives your sponsor the opportunity to communicate their experience and perception of their ROI. However, it’s also your team’s chance to establish a lasting connection for future events.