Beyond the Top International Corporate Event Destinations

When hosting a destination event, don’t be ordinary. In this series we show you extraordinary global event destinations.

When planning a corporate event (or any event for that matter), the goal is to impress and to create a memorable experience. A simple Google search of “global event destinations” returns pages upon pages of blog posts and articles with generic information that every other company, including your competition, is probably referring to.

But if search results merely deliver the most popular corporate event destinations, how do you find an extraordinary location that offers appropriate accommodations and entertainment for your group?

That’s where Ellen Michaels Presents comes in! We believe the top international corporate event destinations should be novel to attendees so that memories of your event aren’t diluted by memories of unrelated business travel. We believe “top” should refer to the most unique, intriguing, impressive, and memorable…not the most visited.

The goal for this monthly blog series is to share our expertise, global awareness, and unique insight to corporations looking to make a lasting impression with their global events.

Here’s what you can expect from the series:

  • We’ll take an in-depth look at these emerging markets and tell you exactly why each would be an incredible location for hosting your next corporate event.
  • We’ll point out top venues for meetings and address additional local support available.
  • We’ll provide a thorough list of on/off-site entertainment options.
  • We’ll discuss culinary attractions and cultural events that would entice individuals to attend, increasing registration numbers.
  • We’ll touch on cultural differences that could impact your guests or the event itself.

Keep an eye out for “Been There, Try This”, where you can expect Ellen Michaels Presents to share our “top” destinations.